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 UPDATE July 2012


We are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with WaterWing Wellness to "vamp" up

 Visions Into The Past Paranormal. We are honored to welcome Crystal Waters & Serafice to give

rise to TeamVIPP.


With their experience and talents we are sure to make a more piquant family. Be sure to check

out their website as well as Serafice’s blog to get a better feel of what they are all about.  



That being said, in the coming weeks we will be tirelessly updating the site with lots of new and

exciting info including bios, pix, videos, recent & upcoming expos, events and investigations.  

The appearance of the site may change as well to reflect the new flavor of our group so please

keep checking back for fun updates. 



We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support and patience as we move towards a more

luminous future.




Mean while you can catch The Bear and Mike going WILD Monday Nights on Uber Radio Network!  

You can find our show Monday Nights 9-11pm EST




 Visions Into the Past - Paranormal - Monday Night Internet Radio Show -  9pm -11pm - On - Uber Radio Network

Join us on Monday Night's for our LIVE internet radio show from 9 pm - 11 pm EST, on UBER Radio Network!  The show features a guest or maybe two, from the one of the many fascinating  fields of the paranormal world, awesome UBER-licious DJ's, rockin' fun music and an interactive chat room.  We will also have some cool contests and give-aways.  You can listen to the show, join the chat and even post questions for the hosts and guests.  The show will be hosted by our team members; Carl "Bear" Flagg and Tech-Guru Mike Kalanowski !!!  We may have one of our other team members as a guest host!  Whoooo Hooooo! or should that be "Booooo Hooooo! ?....... Naw, there's no crying in UBER!



When you click on the Uber image link, you will be able to jump right into the chat room and hear the show, above is an example of the room. You will be assigned a funky name  as you enter (example: uber guest) just click on the name and you will be able to change your name and icon! 


  "How do I get to the show and chat ?" you ask........          

CLICK  ON THE UBER RADIO NETWORK  IMAGE ABOVE TO BE BROUGHT TO RADIO SHOW AND CHAT                                                                                                                          

                                 Our internet radio show features music by RubyRough!

             RubyRough - REALTIME

An excellent and long time friend of Tech Guru Mike has generously offered up their music to be used in our audio for our show! We are extremely excited as they are one of our favorite bands! Ruby Rough has an awesome CD that was released to the public for download February 3rd 2011. You have to listen to the show to hear their commercial. And keep an ear out to our show every week because you never know when we're going to give away one of their CD's.....You just NEVER KNOW .............


Did you miss the show? Say it isn't so ! Have a favorite show that you would like to revisit?    Well, you can definitely get there, from here

FIND OUR PAST INTERNET RADIO SHOWS,   AVAILABLE ON:                                            


 visionsintothepast and Podbean!


                         you can find it on iTunes podcast !


Don't forget to join our Facebook group and get updates every week! Maybe check out our blog. If you can't make the weekly show LIVE then subscribe to our iTunes or Podbean sites FOR FREE ! ! !  Have you resgistered for our site? There are many FREE ways to show support for us and share comments on how we're doing. The more feedback, the better the show gets. Check out our links!

  (***Please NOTE, we are a NON-PROFIT, any and all funds from sales of apparel and gifts related to any events goes into donations to local Historical Societies and various Charities we are working with. Additional donations and sales of apparel and gifts not related to any specific event go towards the Visions Into The Past : Paranormal Scholarship fund we are developing to give enthusiastic people with limited funds the opportunity to attend really exciting events and investigations where fees are incurred.)

As a registered member of our website, you can access our Members Forum!



We have a forum for our members to open up discussion, ask questions, share information, post events, etc.  So become a registered member of our website and paranormal family and go the Members Forum and begin the discussion.

                    IN YOUR DREAMS!

 We also are adding another cool feature to the  website and also in our Forum called " Logical Dreamer" where you can have your dreams analyzed from a logical perspective by our own, Tech-Guru Mike. You will be able to post your dream scenarios and Mike will follow up with an analysis from his "logical" perspective.  More info. to come.  You can email  Mike direclty regarding your dreams, at       So stay tuned and dream on !!!!!